NEW DAY ASSOCIATES would like to introduce you to some fabulous events that happen annually. Our affairs are a celebration of fashion, music, and the success of our wonderful magazines. Our publications target an elite, upscale audience, particularly those in the fashion, music, and publications business. Our events target consumers that shop, travel, network, drive, etc., and also in the business of public relations. Our magazines cover all these events. All sponsors are mentioned in the main headlines. The exposure, and response is international, covering U.S., Canada, Japan, and Europe!

All Star Fashion Weekend - June 28th
A Dream Pursued: Coverage on New Day Associate’s 20th annual fashion, film, and music industry networking party, and Spring collection fashion showcase.

By Diamond Caul


“It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up Magazine”, the infamous lyrics by the late Biggie Smalls memorializes the impact that print media had and still has on society and their ambitions. This past Pre-MLK weekend, January 9th and 10th, men and women came from Pittsburgh, Ohio, Chicago, Boston, Maryland, Virginia, and more to the Newark, New Jersey Marriott, to share their dreams with CEO and President of  New Day Associates, and publisher of magazines including "Black Men’s Magazine", "Today’s Black Women’s Magazine", and "Hype Hair Magazine". John Blassingame has a dream: to help the dreams come for everyone, “every hill and mountain shall be made low”, which is exactly what Mr. Blassingame did, during the New Day Associate’s fashion, film, and music networking weekend. This two day event consisted of an artist showcase, a fashion show, and a networking party with celebrities in attendance such as Bowlegged Lou and Paul Anthony, members of Full Force, and also known for their reoccurring appearances in the House Party movies. Kal Dawson, former president of Murder Inc., and Peter Shue, author of, “The Life of the Party” were also in attendance. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud.


The first night, Saturday Janurary 9th,  was opened up by a musical phenomenon by the name of JuTaun. Jake Evans, Jamie Evans, and Samoeun Cheng, together are creating a musical movement that gives people an opportunity to start a conversation. Whether the crowd grew stunned by the angelic falsettos, perfect pitch harmonies, or the precise and disciplined band members playing alongside them, there wasn’t a head in the room that wasn’t rooted into their rhythm. The following musical act was a dance group called, “Vine Street Soliderz”, choreographed by Tonya Nichols. They are a youth dance team based out of Boston, proving that big dreams come in small packages, taking full advantage of performing in front of the musical industry’s elite. Singer Eboni Onassis hit the New Day Associate’s stage after winning first place in “New day Associates Got talent” competition, presented by New Day Associates,  in conjunction with Benita Carruth with Benita and Company, back in November 2015. Finally the group musical duo, “All about Christ” blessed the stage with an original composition, and then hit the New Day Associate’s red carpet corner, for a video interview to tell about their journey spreading the gospel through gospel music.


In between the musical acts, were presentations of the Spring collections from various designers across the nation. It was like dreaming with your eyes open, as each model entered the runway and demanded your attention.  Designers and clothing lines: Antonio DeSilva, Clayvon Menswear, Debra Sterling with “Jbri”, Mirendo Ivy, Adaj Perry with ADNY, Kelvin Haydon, Tyrone Chablis, Samanta  Samuel with Fashion 64 (previous 2nd place winner of New Day Associates International designer of the year competition), Alif Thompson, Ricardo Auguste( current winner of New Day Associates International designer of the year competition, and Michele Blanchard (previous winner of New Day Associates International designer of the year competition), all gave the audience enough fashion to last 100 seasons! All of the designs were innovative, and trendy including Alif Thompson’s backpack jackets. They were high fashion motorcycle jackets that transformed into book bags, equipped with a compartment to hold a motorcycle helmet. Debra Sterling of Jbri designs partnered with Smooches magazine, and had current Smooches models wear their designs down the runway. Both companies support the Smooches movement, which is geared to empower the lives of curvy women everywhere.


Chante Bradley Acereel, CEO of Smooches magazine, in association with New day Associate’s held 1 of 3 casting calls the on January 10th, 2016, the following day. Smooches representatives saw dozens of dreaming curvy/full figured models to participate in the 1st annual international curvy/full figured model competition, where the winner will win a photo shoot, an editorial spread in the Smooches Magazine  May 2016 issue, an Apple Havana watch, and weekend wardrobe by Jbri designs. An additional casting that took place that Sunday at the Marriott, was for the 37th annual New Day Associate’s International model of the year competition. John Blassingame of New Day Associates is seeking male and female models for a chance to be flown to network in London, Paris or Rome with hotel and airfare included. The winners will also receive a fashion layout in "Today’s Black Women’s Magazine", "Hype Hair", or "Black Men’s Magazine"! Those who auditioned for the New Day Associates International model of the year competition, were also given an option to audition for B.K Coposky of Riwayat Films, who is currently directing a sizzle reel for an upcoming fashion industry reality series, which will feature male and female models and fashion designers.


 Dreams will always remain dreams, if the person does nothing to pursue them. John Blassingame is celebrating his 37th annual International Model of the Year competition/ networking weekend on April 8th -10th. That is 37 years of pursuing his dream and leaving a legacy. That is 37 years of hard work, long nights, and critical thinking. That is 37 years worth of resources and revenue. That is 37 years filled with new business deals, partnerships, and networking. “What happens to a dream deferred, does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?”, as quoted by Langston Hughes. Delaying a dream is no longer an option. It is an obligation to ourselves to be everything we were meant to be. John Blassigame with New day Associates, and all other affiliated companies and brands, have proven we can all dream free at last, free at last, great God almighty, we can dream free at last! New Day Associates is holding a second casting call for the International model of the year on January 31st , 2016 at the Newark Marriott. 1 Hotel Rd Newark, NJ. The networking weekend is from Friday April 8th to Sunday April 10th. April 8th will be a networking party, and April 9th New Day Associates will host a fashion and musical artist showcase. The competition will take place on Sunday, April 10, 2016.

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New Day Associates All Star Weekend

New Day Associates All Star weekend June 28th - 30th 2019